Send us your land referral and earn 10% of the purchase price, if we buy!

Real estate professionals don't always like listing vacant land, we offer you an opportunity to make a little money by just sending your referrals our way!

1. Fill out the information below about you, the seller, and the property.

2. We research the property and make an offer directly to seller (please tell them we will be calling, but no work needed by you).

3. We contact a mobile notary in seller's area to meet with them to sign the deed. They will give the seller a cashier's check for the full amount.

4. We send you 10% of the purchase price by PayPal or check (If we buy it for $2,000, we send you $200). We are in this to gain and maintain relationships, so we look forward to making this payment to you, every time. 


How to get paid if we purchase the property being referred. Please include your address if you would like us to mail a check. Also please ensure your desired PayPal account email is indicated in the comments below.
Who's property is it? - Please include all names
Please include a property number or assessor parcel number in order for us to conduct due diligence and title search.
Please include any pertinent notes and/or addresses for payment